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Sep 3, 2017

In March of 1970 a woman traveling through California with her 10-month old daughter would have a frightening experience. A man would trick her into thinking something was wrong with her car on the highway. The woman and her baby would be luck to escape with their lives. But later she would say that the man she saw that night was the Zodiac.

In this episode we dive into the details of this harrowing experience as well as a number of Zodiac communications that come out. Was it really Zodiac who had terrified this woman on the highway? He would later take credit for it as well as a host of other crimes. But all of these crimes were in the news well ahead of his communications. So the question that comes up is whether or not Zodiac is really committing murders or whether he is merely taking credit for those happening around him.

Join Mike Ferguson and Mike Morford as they continue to explore the fascinating details of the Zodiac case. 




An Emash Digital Production