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Feb 25, 2018

Criminology is back for Season 2! This season we will doing an in depth look at one of America's most infamous unsolved cases. This predator goes by many names: The East Area Rapist, The Golden State Killer, and the Original Night Stalker. This person is suspected of more than 100 home break ins and burglaries, at least 50 rapes, and a dozen or more murders.

We'll be covering the crimes, the victims, and the clues using case documents and firsthand accounts. We talk with the investigators who worked this case back when it started and those who are working it today. We speak to victims who survived this monster and to the family members of victims that lost their lives.

Join Mike Ferguson and Mike Morford for episode 1 of Season 2 of Criminology to hear how this tragic tail began. Then buckle in because it is going to take a full season to detail the horrific crimes committed by this prolific serial rapist and murderer.

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